The Story


They were descending to the airport in Florida. Jason was finishing the whiskey he ordered to help calm his nerves and fear of flying. In this moment, floating somewhere between the ground and the clouds, he looked at his musical and romantic companion, Michelle. 

         "We should get married while we're here," he said. 

She smiled and looked back at him. She'd always wanted to get married on the beach.

The husband and wife singer-songwriter duo, Jason & Michelle, have married their musical styles to create a unique alt-country rock sound. Their new album, "Burying The Ghosts", tells a story of love, change, and the art of coexisting. They will fill you with empowering harmonies, beautifully haunting piano pieces, and killer guitar skills. 


Discover the journey!





The Journey

Jason & Michelle met in the Columbus, Ohio music scene. They've both previously worked in other bands, such as Outrageous Orange and Mary Adams 12. 

The two first paired together for a duet performance event. The event challenged musicians to find someone they had never played with before and make their songs into a duet. After having only met him once, Michelle called Jason and asked if he was up to the task. What came next was an undeniable chemistry and sound. A chemistry that still very much translates to the live experience. 

Since then, the two have traveled across the country together sharing experiences, creativity, and music. Now they're ready to share it with the world!

The album "Burying The Ghosts" was officially released July 22, 2016!